Are You the Missing Piece of a Child's Future?


Every year in Texas, 17 thousand children are removed from their biological homes due to abuse, neglect or other unsafe situation. They are taken from everyone and everything they know and too often placed far away from friends, school, doctors and even relatives.

Where do they receive the guidance and care they need to succeed in school?

Who provides the nurturing environment they need to feel safe and thrive?

Who do they turn to when they have no one else?

Texas Foster Parents

Number of child abuse / neglect investigations in Texas in 2019


Children living in foster care in Texas on 03/01/2020


Texas children removed from their home due to unsafe conditions in 2019


Children waiting for adoption on 8/31/2019


Youth who aged out / emancipated


Across the State of Texas, thousands of dedicated individuals and couples have committed to providing a safe, nurturing environment for these children and youth until a positive, permanent outcome can be achieved.

Unfortunately, there are not enough families and homes for the tens of thousands of children living outside their biological home due to removal by Child Protective Services.

Many children are ‘in care’ for a temporary time and return home when conditions are safe for them again. During that time they need a nurturing environment where they can learn how to handle their feelings in an appropriate way, develop good relationships, succeed in school and become responsible members of a family.

For other children, returning home is not possible and other permanency goals are identified such as adoption or relative care. Around 800 per year ‘age out’ of the system on their eighteenth birthday with few adults committed to their support and success.

All statistics are sourced from DFPS for Fiscal Year 2019 2020

Ethnicity Breakdown of Children in Care 2016




African American





Average Time in System by Exit Type


26 months

Family Reunification

12 months

Relative Care

14 months

Age Out/Emancipation

46 months

Overall Average

19 months

Without the dedicated support of caring individuals outside their biological family, these children risk legal-trouble, homelessness, further victimization and worse. They need safety, patience and nurturing mentors. They need great foster parents – Texas children need you.


Is Yours Open?


Before a child can be placed, the State of Texas requires certain steps to license your home. The process can take 30-90 days depending on several factors. The steps include:

1. Orientation & Application

You can arrange a private consultation or attend a regularly scheduled orientation. You will meet child welfare professionals, learn more about the children, the process and have an opportunity to ask all the questions you wish. If you decide to move forward, the next step is to complete an initial application.

2. Training

All primary caregivers in the home will be scheduled to attend pre-service training which is designed to equip you with the necessary information, tools and techniques to help you serve the children in care. Families are also required to attend CPR and First-Aid training. Finally, there are some documents to be obtained for various background checks.

3. Home Study

Your home environment will be inspected to pass basic fire and health standards. We will also visit your home and your family to conduct home study interviews. These interviews helps us build your “family resume” which serves as a guide for matching you with the right child(ren).

4. Licensure

Together we will decide how many children and what ages, race and behaviors you feel you can successfully accept into your family. Once all of the requirements are met, you become approved to receive children into your home.

5. Placement

When you are ready to receive placement of a child, we will call you to share their history, needs, and determine whether it is an appropriate match. You are under no obligation to take a child you do not believe is right for your home.


Pathways is an expert in the training and support of families just like you.

Having served more than 12,000 children over 20 years, we will work with your unique situation, family and children to provide consultation and walk along side you through the entire process as a trusted and experienced partner.


  • At least 21 years of age
  • Healthy, mature and responsible
  • Financially stable
  • Own or rent your own home
  • Have appropriate space in your home for a child
  • Attend required training
  • Consent to various background checks

You do not have to be married or make a certain amount of money. You do need to demonstrate the ability to provide a safe, stable and nurturing environment.

Aside from travel to our office for training, the only real expenses are a Fire Inspection ($50), a home Health Inspection ($100) and CPR/First Aid training ($40). We provide referrals for all of these. All pre-service training, home study and case management through the licensing process is provided for no fee.

Some families decide to open their home because one caregiver is already a “stay at home” parent. This is not necessary however. We work with families of all kinds and working parents who want to help these children are fully supported by our process and staff.

The most successful and desired foster families are those committed to helping find a safe, permanent home for these children and youth. Our foster parents are true members of the treatment team which can include, state case workers, agency Family Specialists, volunteer CASA workers, attorneys, doctors and yes, biological families. We never share foster parent addresses, phone numbers or other identifying information to the biological family unless specifically requested.

Families consisting of a single adult or two adults of the same gender can foster and adopt children in Texas. We work with individuals and families from every background and focus on finding homes where children can be safe, healthy and nurtured.

Many foster parents grow close to the children in their care which can make it difficult when they leave. In some circumstances, foster parents can – and many do – adopt children that come into their lives through the foster care system. Our an adoption program can facilitate the seamless adoption of foster children when appropriate. Adoption of foster children has many benefits including tax-breaks, medical insurance and even state college and vocational schooling tuition.

  • Specialized Training – In addition to initial training, you will receive ongoing training, support and education
  • Financial Reimbursement – Foster parents receive monthly reimbursement funds for child-care related costs such as food, clothing and housing
  • Therapy – In-house therapists provide group, individual and family therapy as desired or needed
  • Crisis Management – We provide 24-hour support & emergency intervention for all families
  • Insurance – All children receive Medicaid for medical and dental services while in foster care
  • Case Management – All families and children receive support through the licensing and home study process with monthly visits and regular guidance once a child is placed in the home

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